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    Why DVR hard drive does not work?

    1. Check that the hard disk drive cable and DVR are connected properly.

    2. Check that the value of the power adapter meets the conditions under which the hard drive is operating.

    3. For hard disk drive problems, please replace a hard disk drive again.

    Why DVR works properly but can not control the DVR front panel or remote control?

    1. DVR internal connection problems, please open the box to check the interface and cable connection is a problem.

    2. DVR hardware problems.

    Why the DVR always restart automatically?

    1. Check that the monitor is high-definition and compatible with DVR resolution.

    2. Turn off recording (motion detection).

    3. Please reduce the DVR operating temperature.

    5. Please change the power of a larger power adapter.

    IE lacks activeX plugin?

    1. Before installing the software, please turn off all anti-virus software, so as to avoid the installation of the software failed.

    2. Open your IE browser. Click Tools - Network Options ....

    3. Choose a secure - trustworthy website, something on the site - your DVR URL (IP or domain) to the box (do not select Https :), then customize the level.

    4. Enable ActiveX controls and plugins under all sub-options.

    5. Then click ok to complete the setup.

    Why the image screen flashes

    1. If the power supply is low, check the power supply.

    2. Check that the BNC connector connected to the camera is secure.

    Why the image quality is poor?

    1. The lens is dusty. Please clean the lens.

    2. Use a consistent power supply to avoid interference from power supply instability.

    3. There is interference in the surrounding environment, please avoid interference with the place.

    Why no picture showing up?

    1. Please check if the power connector is loose, please connect tightly.

    2. Please check if the video connector is loose, please connect tightly.

    3. Please check the monitor and video surveillance camera video mode system is consistent (NTSC / PAL)

    What is "Automatic White Balance" (AWB)?

    Typically, one object reveals different colors under different light conditions. For example, white paper becomes yellow when yellow light is projected on that paper. However, when ATW is enabled, white paper is still white through the lens and will not be affected under different light conditions. Your camera will tune the color difference automatically based on the specified white light.

    What is WDR?

    The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a function that it can acquire natural images with fewer blown out highlights and blocked up shadows by combining a multiple number of images, shot at different exposure times, using digital signal processing.

    What is ATR?

    The ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) function provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects whose gradation has been lost in cases where, for instance, both low-luminance areas and high-luminance areas exist in the same picture.

    The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information.

    What is OSD?

    OSD is short for On Screen Display,this functions that allow camera settings to be made using the display. This function provides preset menus in eight languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese) and allows camera settings to be made easily without using an external microcontroller.

    Products Certificate:

    All our products pass CE, FCC, RoHS Certificate.


    Thanks for choosing Foutec products, due to the quality of our products and our low RMA rate we are proud to support our clients with a long warranty period:

    CCTV Camera 3 years Warranty for CCTV Camera after you buy from foutec.
    DVR 2 years Warranty for DVR products.
    CCTV Accessory 1 year Warranty for CCTV Accessory.

    1. Before using the product, please read Users Manual carefully, make sure the operation follow the manual strictly.
    2. Within Warranty, you can send broken products back, we bear freight charge, after repair we will dispatch broken products usually with your next order.
    3. The warranty is unavailable for those operation:  a. Damage caused during installation or any man-made.  b. Damage caused by modification or not made or authorized by us. c. Damage caused by improper or improperly used packaging d. Tearing off the frangible paster.
    4. We offer lifetime technical support, and whole life repair service for our products.
    Usually your enquiry will solve within 24 hours. If your request not reply in time, please do not hesitate to send e mail to our info@foutec.com.

    What is NR?

    Noise reduction(NR) a function that reduces the image noise in order to improve the image quality of the camera. In particular, it reduces the noise which is generated under low-brightness shooting conditions and other high-gain states.

    Other Questions

    Video Recorder

    Shipping Conditions:

    1. DHL is our first choice to dispatch goods. We have long relationship with Hong Kong DHL. Good price, good service. You will receive goods usually 4-5 days.

    2. TNT is very economy by some European countries, usually TNT Economy is the cheapest way, you will receive goods in one week.

    3. UPS is good choice for some of Asia & Europ countries. You will receive the goods around 4-5 days.

    4. Fedex is a better way for some island countries. Fedex Economy also accepted. You will receive the goods around 4-7 days.

    5. EMS usually for some countries hard to do customs clearance, such as Ukraine or Russia, you do not need pay tax. But, EMS only for small package.


    1. We have our own forwarder by air and by Sea for your convenience, we will quotation a competitive price to you.
    2. If you have your own forwarder, we are happy to assistant your forwarder shipping goods.

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